Periodic Maintenance

For all heating-cooling systems and equipment in order to be operated problem-free and in the most economical way, the routine controls and preventive maintenance recommended by the manufacturer should be carried out.

Today, one of the most expensive criteria are energy & time. A system that you think works normally may


  • Spends much more energy tahn expected
  • Brings overtime of the operating personnel,
  • Increases your operating costs on annual basis more than you expected

However, it is possible to control all these risks with very small maintenance and adjustments.

Unfortunately, most end users perceive their devices not to give any alarms as “everything is ok, systems are working normally” and they may neglect periodic maintenance.

However, it is an indisputable fact that the repair costs and times of the interventions made after the device alarms are much higher than those that can be detected before the alarm.

Today, when selecting devices in most projects, not only the initial investment cost but also the operating costs are taken into consideration.

Research has shown that often additional operating costs due to lack of maintenance can be even higher than equipment investment costs.
It should not be forgotten that; the cost and time spent for periodic maintenance is not a lost, but an investment.
Periodic maintenance returns you more than you spend



Advantages Of Periodic Maintenance


  • Your energy, fuel and operating expenses will decrease.
  • Surprise failure risks will be minimized
  • The risk of your business and manufacturing interruption will become manageable, especially due to unforeseen failures in process applications.
  • When risks become manageable, annual operating and maintenance budgets will be made healthier.
  • Since the parts that need to be changed depending on their lifetime will change on time, “chain failure risks” and their costs will be minimized.
  • The time and man / hour costs you spend for these devices in your business will decrease.
  • Special discounts will be applied to contracted customers in spare parts and labor prices.


Periodic Maintenance, Indoor Air Quality And Environmental Health


Periodic maintenance not only protects your devices, but also the environment and human health.

The use of central air conditioning systems not only increased the quality of our social life but also brought some problems. People spend most of their worktime in closed offices that are insulated from outside and central systems are used in such environments.

The cleanliness and healthy operation of central air conditioning systems directly affect the indoor air quality.
In our offices where even our desks are cleaned regularly every day, do we pay attention to our central air conditioning systems that provide the air we breathe all day?
Unfortunately, "sick building syndrome" occurs in most closed office environments and it causes various discomfort for the people working in the indoor environment.
And when these are added to other pollutants in the indoor environment (photocopy toner, printer paints etc.) the problem may get worse. Sick building syndrome symptoms;

  • Headache for no reason
  • Burning eyes
  • Concentration impairment
  • Tiredness
  • Runny nose
  • Allergies

The explanation for this is quite simple. The air given to the environment from a mixed air central air conditioning system circulates the whole building and some of this air is exhausted and the rest is given back to the same environment.

In the meantime, if the periodic maintenance of your central system has been neglected; In the central systems, health-threatening bacteria, viruses and allergens will reproduce and spread to the whole indoor environment with air circulation and as a result the indoor air quality will decrease and the sick building syndrome will start.


UVC Lamp Applications - Bacteria And Virus Prevention Activities


The Covid-19 (Corona virus) epidemic, which affects the whole world and has become the number one agenda item in Turkey, affects all areas of life and changes all balances.

New definitions will come from now on in the air conditioning of indoor environments such as hospitals, factories, chain stores, shopping malls, cinemas, cultural centers where people are together and where there is continuous circulation.

Regardless of the outside weather conditions, the importance of technical details in clean air and indoor air quality has increased even more.

As Form ASS;  we bring alternative solutions with ultraviolet ray technologies for the active use of systems that do not work with fresh air, especially in closed areas.

In this context, we have engineering applications for rooftop, which are mixed air systems on ventilation system equipment, air handling units, heat pumps used as closed loop, fan coils, split and VRF indoor units and ventilation ducts


Benefits Of Air (Biological) Disinfectation With Uvc

  • Increases indoor air quality by disrupting the RNA / DNA structure of viruses and bacteria in the air.
  • It is impossible to resist
  • Eliminates allergens
  • Reduces bad odors caused by bacteria, mold and fungus in the system.
  • Indoor air quality increases noticeably
  • Not chemical but biological disinfection,
  • Low cost solution
  • Easy maintenance and lamp replacement
  • Easy to use, plug and play
  • Low operating cost
  • After installation, spaces or rooms can be used immediately and continuously.
  • Can be applied wherever air circulates
  • It does not harm people and the environment due to its application areas,