CLIVET Multifunction Air / Water Cooled Chillers & Heat Pumps (MF)


All Clivet Multifunction units are based on heat pump technology. High energy saving solution, because it uses ambient heat to generate comfort in buildings, with a consumption of primary energy that is %50 lower than traditional combustion solutions, and with low environmental impact, because it does not use fossil resources and consequently reduces CO2 emissions. Thanks to the integrated energy recovery, all the thermal energy that would normally be dissipated during the production of chilled water is recovered to produce hot water for free, further increasing the overall efficiency of the system.

The Clivet Multifunction units also stand out fort he technical solutions adopted. The heat recovery exchanger operates both as a total recovery and as a partial recovery, according to thermal energy required. Even when the heating and cooling loads are unbalanced, the unit maintains the best operating conditions, increasing overall efficiency few internal switches improve the reliability.